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About Data Recovery Direct

Data Recovery Direct is a London based company that has been providing data recovery and computer forensic services since its inception in 1994.

Our offices and labs are 100% UK based, equipped with certified Clean-Air rooms, anti static facilities and tools.

Throughout our history, we have worked with individuals, small and corporate companies, and large non-profit organizations and recovered thousands of gigabytes worth of data in the process.

This is one of the many reasons why we receive over 80% of our customer referrals from current clients.

Because our business is essentially a service-based business, we have made the quality of our service a key factor to our growth.

We know your data is vitally important to you - and that's why we have created a service designed to provide the highest possible quality of service.

At Data Recovery Direct - UK, we've been recovering data for customers in UK and Europe since 1994.

In that time, we've worked with individuals, small companies, large corporates and major non-profit organisations. We've recovered data from desktops, laptops and server hard disk drives and a huge range of other types of media. And we've recovered thousands of gigabytes worth of data in the process.

Our business is service-based and we know that quality is a key factor to our success and growth. So, as well as recovering your data, we also make sure we maintain communications throughout and deliver on time.

We're proud to be one of the very first UK data recovery firms to provide:

  • Low cost data recovery services.
  • An online job tracking system.
  • RAID, NAS, SAN and SNAP server data recovery. [more info].
  • MicroDrive data recovery.
  • iPod data recovery. [more info].