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Five reasons why we can recover your lost RAID server data.

Our RAID recovery techniques and processes are meticulous, painstaking and sophisticated.
In fact, there are five good reasons why we hold a high success rate on data recovery from Disk Array Servers:

1 – Extra precautions.

We take an image of each drive and perform data recovery on the disk copy NOT the original disks.
2 – Thorough investigation.
We use special techniques to investigate the disks and identify the cause of failure before we carry out any recovery.
This process tells us if there is any logical damage in any of the array members and how to fix such a problem.

3 - Bespoke tools.

We never use commercial data recovery software as it often causes more damage and can make recovery impossible.
Instead we use our own bespoke, highly sophisticated and unique hardware and software tools designed specifically to perform data recovery from failed RAID systems.
Our tools are developed to ensure that we can get the maximum amount of recoverable data.

4 – Huge knowledgebase.

Each job we receive is logged into our system from start to finish, along with all the technical information.
This attention to detail pays dividends, because one of the reasons for our exceptionally high success rate is our huge internal knowledgebase of RAID problems and solutions.
This, combined with our experience and expertise, means we hardly ever come across a problem we haven't seen before.

5 – Two heads are better than one.

All RAID recoveries are supervised by at least two experienced and certified technicians.
Any decision to take a step forward must be agreed by both.
This way, there is much less chance for human error with your precious data.