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RAID Data Recovery.

Data Recovery Direct provides a complete range of data recovery services to all types of clients including individuals, small businesses and corporate organisations.
Since 1994, we have served over 21,000 customers, and thanks to our advanced data recovery technologies, we have achieved more than 98%* success rate.

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Server Data Retrieval
Businesses know their data is vital.
Losing it costs time and money, and damages services.
It can alienate customers and get you in trouble with regulators. In severe cases it can even imperil the business as a whole.
That's why businesses use RAID servers, tape backups, software solutions - all to keep their precious data safe.
The problem is, these backups are rarely as accurate and reliable as they need to be.
If you encounter data loss and need your entire server data to be retrieved, we can help you to get all your data back and setup the ultimate data backup and disaster recovery strategies for your business servers.
With our RAID data recovery experience since 1994, we can perform data retrieval service from all following files systems (NTFS, HFS+, XFS, UFS, VMFS including ESX servers, EXT and HFSJ) and RAID server configurations (RAID-0 to RAID-10, all type of NAS, SAN and fiber optic servers).

* Applies to data recovery from RAID, NAS and multiple disk enclosures only.