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Hard Drive Data Recovery

hard disk recovery

Get in touch with us today and see our team in action to recover your data!

Data Recovery Direct has a seasoned team of engineers recovering data from laptop, desktop and external hard disk drives. It does not matter if the problem is physical (such as track failure, head crash, fire damage) or logical (such as accidental format, deleted file, fdisk, virus, damaged boot sector, missing FAT, or partition).
We provide an integrated data recovery and file retrieval service with diverse experience accumulated since 1994 and regardless of the data loss scenarios, we have the solution.

Don't panic! We can save your data

If you have data on a failed drive - from a RAID array or single hard drive to an iPod or a database, then it pays to take extra care recovering it.
After all, your data is immensely valuable. It represents an investment of both time and money and is probably essential to the smooth running of your business.
So when it comes to hard drive data recovery, it pays to turn to the experts.
We've been rescuing data since 1994, and we're committed to providing fast turnaround, quality of service and the highest possible standards of data recovery. In fact, we have an industry-leading success rate.
Why? Because we have a highly experienced team of engineers and ways of working that are second to none. We have the experience, the knowledge and the tools required. And because our Clean-Air Labs are the ideal environment for this type of sensitive work.

Don't give up hope for your data

In the past, we've often succeeded even when other data recovery companies and their customers had given up all hope of ever rescuing the precious data.

Let our satisfied customers tell you.

I had an important business meeting and couldn’t access my files only to discover that the hard drive was making grinding noises. I brought my hard drive to Data Recovery Direct who provided a fast and sufficient recovery service within 48 hours.
I would definitely recommend Data Recovery Direct to ANYONE who has lost their data.

John from, Kentish Constructions Ltd.

My hard disk drive had crashed and I was extremely worried about my data. I didn’t know who to contact and luckily found Data Recovery Direct's website and contacted them. They were extremely helpful and managed to recover my lost data within 5 days.
Susan, Sussex

Just want to say what a brilliant job you did. My hosting company swore that you would not be able to recover the data from the RAID disks....but you did, and saved the whole of our site!

That we found them fast efficient and kept us informed every step by the way, within a few days we had lost the data again however, Data recovery direct had a copy on thier server and were able to get a copy the same day. Fantastic service for no extra cost.
Shaun Ward