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iPod Recovery

Apple’s iPod has become of the most popular hard drive based devices ever made. Because of the iPod’s immense popularity, Data Recovery Direct has had the opportunity to work with hard drives from every generation of the device.

iPod owners commonly store their entire music and picture collections on their iPods, even business and school files, sometimes without a backup. Although ipods are extremely reliable, high-quality devices, they sometimes fail. When this happens, the results can be tragic.

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Consider these advantages when searching for a data recovery provider for your iPod:

  • If requested,we can return your recovered data back onto a brand new iPod, please call us before to find out prices.

  • Data Recovery Direct currently has a 100% success rate for recovery of data or other media from iPods

  • If no data is returned, you will not be charged anything and your iPod is returned

  • Fast turn-around time

  • Price includes all types of failures, no matter what you put your iPod through
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