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How to protect your business data.
A free data protection service by Data Recovery Direct

Creating backups of your data and files is a very important way of staying on top of disaster and missing data.
Both small and large businesses, including individuals, always look towards a backup of information to keep them going in the face of disaster.
B usinesses know their data is vital.
Losing it costs time and money, and damages services.
It can alienate customers and get you in trouble with regulators.
In severe cases it can even imperil the business as a whole.
That's why businesses use RAID servers, tape backups, software solutions - all to keep their precious data safe.
The problem is, these backups are rarely as accurate and reliable as they need to be.
We've been recovering data since 1994 and in that time we've seen no end of problems with backup strategies.
When we ask our clients if they have backups, the answer is nearly always a resounding "yes."

But   - When did you last backup?
- When did you last validate that backup?
- Trial a disaster recovery procedure?

Even investing in an expensive top-branded server with multiple disk arrays and using the most expensive backup software does not mean your data is completely safe.
Every server and hard drive can fail.
There is no perfect solution.

In fact, most companies are likely to see at least one drive or server failure every 2-4 years.

But wouldn't it be better to avoid problems in the first place?

For a limited time only Data Recovery Direct will be providing a free assesment and advice to help you establish a correct data backup strategy within your firm.
Simply register your details or drop us an email and you will be contacted by one of our technical advisers.

It’s a completely free process with no catch.
Your name and email address will never be used for any sort of marketing.
This service is provided to firms with one RAID server or more where the server is hosted within the firm premesis and not managed by any other than the company staff.