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Get the experts as part of your team.

    Your clients and customers may benefit from RAID recovery - but do you have the expertise in-house to offer such a specialist service?

Successfully recovering data from RAID devices is not a job to leave to the untrained or inexperienced.
You'll need knowledge of the RAID settings, advanced HEX-editing skills and experience with low-level programming languages.

And on top of that, you'll need specialist tools and the right working environment.
Why not leave it to the experts? We provide services to a huge range of data recovery companies worldwide through our unique RAID Recovery Services for Affiliates.
We provide a choice of three tiers of service - so you can choose the right arrangement to match your business needs:
  1. Remote assistance: we analyse the problem remotely, determine the RAID settings and provide you with step-by-step recovery instructions.
  2. Remote recovery: we logon to your computer remotely and recover data for you.
  3. Offsite recovery: You send us the drives for recovery.

By offering such a world-class RAID recovery service, you can expand your business, provide better customer support and reduce your overheads. To find out more about how to get the RAID recovery specialist as part of your team, please call us on 0330 223 1838.
Or email us at info@drd-uk.com

*You will need to be accepted as an affiliate to use this service.
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