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Iomega Data Recovery.

Data Recovery Direct specializes in iomega hard drives, and can perform successful recoveries on any model iomega hard drive. If you have a crashed iomega hard drive, please contact today to get a quote or simply complete our Instant Online Quote, package your drive and ship it to us for evaluation. You will not be charged a recovery attempt fee if your hard drive is unrecoverable.

We can provide data recovery on any size or model iomega hard drive, including those listed below:

  • Iomega USB 2.0 External Drives.
  • Portable 33223 40GB 4200rpm.
  • Black Series 33124 160GB 7200rpm.
  • Black Series 33115 250GB 7200rpm.
  • Silver Series 33215 250GB 7200rpm.
  • Silver 33222 80GB 4200rpm.
  • Mini 33149 40GB 4200rpm.
  • MiniMax Desktop 250GB Hard Drive.
  • 33126 400GB 7200rpm.
  • 33090 250GB 7200rpm.
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