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Something About Data Recovery Direct.

Hard drive technology has advanced a lot in recent years and hard drives are now available in ever increasing capacities, with faster read/ write speeds, with smaller and more complex part than ever before.
Where as only a few years ago a single one piece harddrive of one or two gigabytes would have been considered a large data storage capacity the average harddrive today can be thousands of gigabytes in size.

As the technology of hard disk drive manufacturing has moved forward, Data Recovery Direct has since 1994 been researching, developing and improving the ideal tools and techniques for data recovery.

When a hard disk drive malfunctions and data cannot be accessed due to a mechanical failure such as a head crash for example, then searching for a data recovery company to recover your data may be your only option, although Data Recovery Direct has the expertise to recover data even when the platters are partially damaged, many other data recovery companies lack either the experience or the knowledge to open a harddrive for the purpose of moving or replacing the reading heads and other delicate internal parts, when the harddrive has a “physical" or mechanical failure.
The margin for error inside a harddrive can be as little as between 0.01 and 0.02 microns (1000 microns = 1 millimeter) and mistakes can rarely be undone.

We are happy to give our FREE advice to those who have data loss problems and welcome your call before you make any commitment to our services.
Over the past 15 years we have often succeeded when other data recovery companies have failed and the customer had given up, assuming that their data was lost forever.

Our mission is to exceed beyond our current Industry-Leading 95% success rate and provide our customers with the most prompt customer support and services.
Don’t trust your data to inexperienced data recovery companies offering low priced “fixed" quotes, these prices often reflect the quality of their service and come with hidden charges for additional parts or mechanical work, we provide you with a maximum price in advance of you sending us your media to us and we will not exceed the price quoted regardless of what work is required.

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