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Data recovery services for Western Digital drives.

Western Digital drive

Our experience

We are specialised in Western Digital hard drive data recovery and disk repair since 1994, we can recover lost data from all Western Digital hard drive families/models including VelociRaptor, Raptor and other enterprise families such as My Passport Enterprise.
If you need files to be recovered from your faulty Western Digital hard drive, please feel free to contact us for an advice or use our Instant Online Quote page. Package your drive and ship it to us for an evaluation. There is no charge if your hard drive is unrecoverable.

Our advice

We advise all our visitors who have experienced data loss problems from their Western Digital media to try the following steps prior to contacting us.

Determine if there is a slight clicking noise coming from the drive after switching it on, try to put your ear as close as possible to the drive. If you hear a clicking noise, turn the drive off. If you do not hear any unusal noise then try the following steps:

- Try to connect the drive to another PC or place it in a USB caddy, as it could be a problem with your PC not the drive.

- Try to update your drive firmware from Western Digital`s website, here is the link


Western Digital Corporation (WDC) is known for its long history of manufacturing hard disk drives, a few years ago WDC was one of many 3.5" (Desktop) hard disk drive manufacturers.
Consumers can choose to buy from suppliers such as Maxtor, IBM, Excelstor, Hitachi, Samsung, Seagate and Fujitsu, however, when we look at todays 3.5" drives market, there are fewer brands to choose from.

Western Digital became the seconds largest hard disk drive manufacturer in our present time and has rapidly increased the capacity of hard disk drives by using Perpendicular Recording technology. Western Digital is also involved in the manufacturing of laptop drives and external drives such as (My Book) and (My Passport).

As a part of their marketing strategy, WDC started introducing a wide range of models and drive families and in 2003 introduced the first S-ATA drive with 10,000 RPM (Revolutions per minute).
Apart from the Western Digital Raptor we can see that all other 2.5" and 3.5" S-ATA and IDE WD drives are adopting similar hardware technologies regardless of their "label colour"!