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Seagate Data Recovery.

We are specialised in recovering lost data from Seagate SCSI, S-ATA, USB or IDE types.

Call us for free advice or send your hard disk to us if your drive encounters one or more of these symptoms:

- You receive a device not ready or similar error message, while working.
- You receive an operating system not found error message, when switching on your computer.
- You receive a primary hard disk failure, or similar error, when switching on your computer.
- Your hear clicking/grinding noise when switching on your computer.
- USB drive error - asking to initialise the disk.
- SCSI / SAS / FCAL drive error (Medium Error).

Data Recovery Direct is regarded as the most expert data recovery company in the UK and Europe.
We have recovered data for small and large businesses, no matter how the need for data recovery occurred, we can salvage data that other data recovery companies cannot find.

Let our satisfied customers tell you.

"My hard disk drive had crashed and I was extremely worried about my data. I didn’t know who to contact and luckily found Data Recovery Direct's website and contacted them. They were extremely helpful and managed to recover my lost data within 5 days." - Susan from Sussex

“I had an important business meeting and couldn’t access my files only to discover that the hard drive was making grinding noises. I brought my hard drive to Data Recovery Direct who provided a fast and sufficient recovery service within 24 hours. I would definitely recommend Data Recovery Direct to ANYONE who has lost their data." - John from, Kentish Constructions Ltd.